lybxlpsv's Frame Generation for Android

What's this?

This technique creates interpolated frames to try to increase perceived motion smoothness, also known for providing up to '2x' the FPS, although the actual increase may vary due to processing overhead.
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Interpolating frames is usually less computationally intensive compared to rendering entirely new frames from scratch. When a game renders a new frame, it has to calculate the position, appearance, and behavior of all the objects in the scene. This requires significant processing power, especially on mobile devices where resources are more limited. Interpolating frames, on the other hand, involves blending existing frames together, which is less demanding on the device's hardware.
Rendering frames at a native high frame rate like 120fps strains a mobile device's resources, consuming excessive power and generating heat, both detrimental to battery life and thermal management. Alternatively, employing interpolation to achieve smoother motion between existing frames alleviates this burden by reducing the need for constant rendering, thus conserving power and improving thermal performance. This strategy, particularly evident in the transition from 60fps to simulated 120fps motion, offers a more sustainable solution for mobile devices, enhancing user experience without compromising energy efficiency or device longevity.

Which devices are currently supported?

Works best on Adreno 7xx. We recommend Adreno 725 or better.
We're currently testing using taro platform on v@0615 drivers.
Adreno 6xx might work, so far only Adreno 640 is tested to work.
The lower quality model should technically "work" on any OpenGL ES 3.2 capable GPU.
Calling it "work" is an overstatement, the quality for non-Adreno GPU is bad and not tuned well at the moment, we might attempt to tune it for Mali or RDNA gpu but no promises.

Frame Gen Caveats :

Recommended framerate is 60 -> 120fps (1 real frames + 1 generated frames).
30 -> 120fps (1 real frames + 3 generated frames) and 40 -> 120fps (1 real frames + 2 generated frames) may work with some tuning.
144hz is not recommended due to games only having 60fps maximum. Maybe if you use other zygisk modules that can uncap fps.
The frame gen will turn off if the base framerate is below 20fps (user configurable), or if the difference between 2 frames is too large.
Games where majority of the screen is covered with text and ui will have a way worse experience, especially at a lower base framerate (under 60fps).

Technical Caveats :

Currently, ROOT + App + Zygisk Module are required.
There is NO guarantees that this will work on newer Adreno GPUs, driver and/or future android versions.
There is NO guarantees that this will not cause game anti-cheat bans.
There is NO guarantees that this will work on all games.
There is NO guarantees that this will work on all rom.
Games that renders duplicated frames does NOT work. It might work with fps limit set to the game's real target fps.
Using Frame-rate Aware Scheduling (joyose, fas, etc) alongside this software is not recommended.
Refer to our community for games that are do work and are safe to use with our Frame Generation.

Our roadmap as of now :



We are currently in EARLY ACCESS phase, so please temper your expectations and understand the risks of purchasing early access software.
We only recommend to get this software during early access state only if you support our work and is eager to be part of the development process.
If you are purchasing from subscription based platform like patreon, you can switch to free tier afterwards.
Free trial/demo is also available to test if the software works on your device
500 points is required to purchase a per device license.



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