lybKernel VAYU 1.2

For version: v1.2

Using the Dangerous option might cause random reboots and at worst, bricked phones.
If anything weird happens like corruption and random reboots happening, you should reflash non-dangerous or other non-oc kernel ASAP!
Join our TG group if you need help rather than making it worse and bricking it if you have major issues!
Other features are optionally available via lyb Kernel Manager.
You have been warned.
As always, we are in no way responsible for whatever that may happen on your phone.
This is for the default mode. Use Settings -> Battery -> Thermal Profiles to choose it per-app.
Can cause random reboots, stutters and hard bricks if your phone is not compatible. As always, it is recommended to undervolt yourself via Konabess.
Will still suject to Userspace (ROM) thermal throttling.
Sorted from the most aggressive to the least agressive. Will still suject to Userspace (ROM) thermal throttling.
This is the max current the phone can draw from PD 3.0 PPS chargers or Stock Charger with Stock Cable.
This is the percentage when the phone stops charging quickly. This applies on QC3 and Power Delivery/Stock Chargers.
Will charge at the speeds the Charger promised.
The information is required or it won't boot. The information will only be stored and processed locally. You can grab this information on : About Phone -> Model -> Serial Number Format : 8 Characters, All lowercase. e.g. c452d2a0